I did not give my daughter up - that's what you do with a washing machine.  I placed her with a loving couple that I chose who were capable of supporting her in a way I could not at that moment in my life.

--Jessalyn "Jessa" Bills Speight

You are courageous.

You are amazing.

You are unselfish.

You are logical.

You are smart.

Maybe your'e in school.

Maybe you're reaching for the stars.

Maybe you're scared.  That's normal.

And you may be wondering what to do:

- Am I ready to be a mom?

- Am I ready to give up my dreams?

- Can I give this baby the best possible life?

- Am I ready to turn my back on a career?

- Is termination an option?

 Is adoption an option?

We are not here to judge you.

We are not here to pressure you.

We are here to offer you an option.

We'd like to introduce you to a young couple who wants nothing more than to have a child.  Take a moment and read their story.  Get to know them.  Consider the kind of life your baby will lead with a couple like this:  a couple who longs to take yor baby in their arms and give it all possible, love and support for the rest of their lives.